7.Afghanistan Transit:

We are quite experienced in handling Afghan Transit Trade shipments , we have involved in the Rehabilitation and Re-Construction for Afghanistan to cater to the international donor community and have already moved thousands of tons and hundreds of containers by Sea and Air, and mainly road via Pakistan to all major cities as well as inland destinations all over Afghanistan.

Customs clearance and local transportation what make Afghanistan? Special staffs at Kabul Airport & Kabul customs house are found for immediate and. Internal transportation within Afghani cities, owning special pickups & trucks.

8.Cargo | Distribution

Quality is the hallmark of cargo handling at SRS.No matters how unusual the cargo, standard for us is synonymous with delivery in perfect condition.

Distribution of cargo is not only a business imperative but a way of life for many of our employees.

9.Sea Freight

Through our good networks in Pakistan and good relationship with many steamship companies and partners enable Glory shine to offer its customers reliable, flexible, cost effective, and efficient transportation solutions that minimize delay, optimize routing and scheduling, and maximize the overall effectiveness.


SRS Shipping & Logistics mission is to customized to satisfy customer not just the first time, but also each and every time.We can serve our customers by the level of professionalism,dedication and hard working.